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To save money, the quantitative file for download is there for your wallet.

Don't waste your money.
Table for quantitative plate, hanger, framework, dowel... to be quiet on the day of installation.

Metal frame partition 1 plate each side
Metal frame partition 2 plates each side
High performance partition staggered frame
Cellular partition 50 mm
Plasterboard partition 50, 60 and 70 mm
High performance plasterboards
Ba13 lining metal frame on upright
ba13 lining metal frame on fur
Polystyrene lining, calibel  coller
Ba13 paste

Horizontal ceiling on furring for a ba13 or ba15 / ba18

Creeping ceiling on fur
Self-supporting single or double upright ceiling
Quadrette false ceiling 60 x 60
False ceiling frame 120 x 60...


Quantitative plasterboard


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