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Rim too wide! Narrow tire base!

The quick and economical solution to inflate the tire.

The indestructible sausage

Fit a tire on a too wide rim, narrow tire base. Video to make a ring flange between the rim and the tire at a low price, less than 10.00 €
Inflate a tubeless tire without difficulty, without an air gun, without brake cleaner, without setting it on fire.
Receive the video link ( making a ring sausage). After registration of payment.

Barre verte.jpg
Jante trop large, pneu ne colle pas à la jante montage pneu flanc tendu peut on monter des pneus plus large à l'arrière anneau de gonflage 14-18" montage pneu jante alu fabriquer un anneau de gonflage pneu remettre pneu sur jante vélo monter pneu sur jante

With the brake cleaner and the explosion, apart from deforming the tire, say goodbye to the pressure sensor.

Dites adieu au capteur de pression.
Mort du capteur pression.utile pour les pneus ayant subi des déformations pendant le stockage Cercle de gonflage impossible de les gonfler l'air s'échappe entre jante et pneu comment faire coller un pneu tubeless
Avec le nettoyant frein et l'explosion, en dehors de déformer le pneu, dites adieu au capteur de pression.

– Direct pressure sensor: the sensors/transmitters fixed on the valves transmit to the dashboard precise information on the temperature and the pneumatic pressure.

The entire MAUZTER team, thank you for your messages. 
We are glad to know that you enjoyed the video for making the ring. 

OPINIONS for the manufacture of the ring
Average rating: 
Satisfaction rate: 95%

Satifaction anneau de gonflage.jpg

Quick and easy

Satifaction anneau de gonflage.jpg

great, no problem

Satifaction anneau de gonflage.jpg


Satifaction anneau de gonflage.jpg

Fast and effective

5 étoiles boudin anneau.jpg

Mdr had to think about it, I have more problems to inflate my tires

Satifaction anneau de gonflage.jpg

It's already better than setting it on fire

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